Whether you have just discovered the power, potential and beauty of crystals, or whether you are a crystal veteran, you may well be interested in the variety of wonders that we at MagiCrystals have on offer on our site.

MagiCrystals was created from our undiluted passion for crystals and all related things. We live, breathe and eat crystals!! Well, that’s not quite true however we do believe passionately in the use of crystals for our well-being in everyday life.

Not only do we find them wonderful objects of art to feed the visual senses, but we are often stunned by their feel and power too. Crystals carry frequencies just like everything else which comes from the earth, and those frequencies can be of tremendous benefit to our feeling of well-being, just nourishing food and walks in nature.

We have crystals from over the world for sale, and we also have hand-created individual pieces of jewellery as well as our specially-commissioned and highly powerful range of orgonite pendants and crystal sound instruments. Come visit and find out more.

I, Doug have had crystals around for around 30 years and have been actively working with them for the past decade or more. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience with crystals and am constantly adding to that on a daily basis. I work with them for personal use, buy/sell them with clients and friends and have a house full of them to enchant me. I have them in every room in my house, and quite simply, they make my heart sing.

We hope you can grow the same passion for your own crystals

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